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Bloxstrap is the #1 free open-source Roblox Bootstrapper that provides additional customization settings and FPS unlocker for better gameplay. Download Bloxstrap for Windows and enhance your Roblox gaming experience.

Do you want 200+ FPS in Roblox games and want the old classic ‘Oof’ sound back? If yes then check out Bloxstrap which is a free open-source program and it is the best replacement for the Roblox standard bootstrapper. Using this software provides you access to unique features and customization settings that enhance your Roblox gaming experience.

Roblox has gone through many improvements and changes over time. Some changes are hit and some of the old things such as the death sound effect, old menu interface, and many more things that people want to be back in this gaming platform which you can bring back into your Roblox Player and the desktop app by using the Bloxstrap Roblox bootstrapper tool.

What is Bloxstrap Bootstrapper

Bloxstrap is developed by pizzaboxer in Aug 2022 using the C-Sharp language and it quickly became very popular among Roblox users. Its source code is available for free on the GitHub page where the developers release the official updates and changelog.

Roblox standard launcher poses many limitations and limitations. If you have an old PC then the Roblox games lag so much and do not provide sufficient FPS. Therefore, Bloxstrap is the all-in-one solution for all these problems. You can customize the app interface and use the FPS unlocker for smoother gameplay.

Benefits of Using Bloxstrap

There are several advantages of using Bloxstrap because it enables users for better customization and personalize the user interface. Following are some of the benefits you get along with this app.

  • Bloxstrap is compatible with all versions of Roblox.
  • This open-source software allows users to customize their Roblox client files and the changes will remain even if you update the Roblox to the latest version.
  • Using this alternative Bootstrapper, you can revive the vintage and iconic sound effects, menu bar, avatar background, and many more.
  • Use the FastFlags editor and paste the JSON code to enable or disable several features of Roblox easily.
  • ROBLOSECURITY cookie is no longer needed for the protection of your account data.
Roblox Bloxstrap

How to Use Bloxstrap on Windows PC

Bloxstrap is a very easy-to-understand Roblox Bootstrapper. When you open it for the very first time, you will see several options such as Integration, Mods, and FastFlags. Tap on each section and adjust the settings as per your requirements. Using this app helps you to improve the app’s interface and your overall gameplay.

Here’s the complete guide on how you can use the Bloxstrap app to enhance your gameplay and use the mods to add a unique touch to your gaming experience.

  1. Firstly, download the official Bloxstrap.exe file on your PC by tapping on the download button given above on this webpage (
  2. Install the app on your device and make sure you have allowed all the permissions and agree with its terms of service.
  3. Open the Bloxstrap App and enable the Activity Tracker option because it enables this program to analyze which game you’re playing. Without enabling this option, you won’t be able to use all the features.
  4. Tap on the Mods to bring back old things on the Roblox app and click on the FastFlags for more customization and editing. Adjust all the settings as per your preferences. Scroll down a bit to read more about all the features of this app.
  5. Once you are done with all the customization and changes then tap on the apply button to open the Roblox desktop app and you will see the interface is changed as per your settings and play any game to test what is being improved after using the Bloxstrap.

Features of Bloxstrap

Bloxstrap exposes users with unique features and settings that you can’t access with the standard Roblox Bootstrapper. The purpose of this app is to bring back the nostalgia of old iconic sound effects and UI design. You can also get better FPS and enhance the graphics quality rendering.

FPS Unlocker

Set a custom framerate limited. Use 9999 for no limit and use 0 for the default FPS. Anything above 60 is considered good for gaming.

Discord Integration

The game you’re currently playing will be shown in your Discord profile activity section and anyone can join the game through your discord profile.

Multi-Instance Launching


If you have 2 browsers on your PC device, enable the multiple instance launching feature to play the different Roblox games in both browsers at the same time.

Lighting Technology


Choose the preferred lighting technology that will be forced enabled in all the games. You can have provided various lighting options including Voxel, ShadowMap, or Future.

Graphics Quality Selector

Usually, you can adjust the graphics quality from there 1-10 but with this alternate graphics quality selector, you can adjust from 1-21 for better quality visuals and effects.

App Customization

From the appearance section, users can personalize the app background from dark to light. Change the style of the bootstrapper look and also change the app icon.

Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking is required to use many other features of this app. Enabling this option allows Bloxstrap to detect what game you’re currently playing.

Check Server Location


It offers a server location checker that informs you about the server region you’re playing on. Utilize this feature to filter servers by region or to switch to a new one effortlessly.

FastFlags Editing

Navigate the Fastflag section in the Bloxstrap app and tap on the FastFlags Editor then past the JSON file. Follow this link to find hundreds of FastFlags lists.

Free to Use

The best thing about the Bloxstrap App is that you can download this open-source Roblox Bootstrapper completely free without spending any money and you can use all its features for free. It also does not contain any ads so you can use this app without any interruption on your device.

Additional Mod Features

Bloxstrap Mods features are not hacking, it just brings back the old things and allows users to customize the Roblox interface. Here are some of the key mod features.

  • Old Death Sound: The classic ‘Oof’ death sound is very popular and you can bring it back by enabling this option.
  • Mouse Cursor: instead of the latest mouse cursor style you can choose from the 2013 Angular mouse cursor or the legendary 2006 Cartoony cursor style.
  • Old Avatar Editor Background: Enable this option to bring back the old avatar editor background in the Roblox desktop app prior to 2020.
  • Old Character Sound: Recover the 2014 character sounds including jumping, walking, and climbing sound effects.
  • Disable Desktop App: Disable the desktop application from appearing prominently upon exiting the game.
  • Emoji type: Users can choose the preferred emoji type Roblox uses. It’s set to Twemoji (by default) but you can change it to Catmoji or Windows 11, 10, or 8.

How to Download and Install Bloxstrap on Windows

The downloading and installing process for the Bloxstrap App is very straightforward and easy. It does not require rooting your PC. You can install and use this app without losing your Roblox account data so follow the simple process given below, profoundly.

  • Tap on the download button mentioned on this webpage to visit the downloading page where you can find out all the versions of the Bloxstrap App available to date.
  • We always recommend downloading the latest or most recent version of this app for a better user experience and access to all the newly added features.
  • Tap on the final download button to initiate the downloading process. It will be downloaded in a few seconds if you have a stable internet connection.
NET Desktop Runtime

To install this app on your Windows computer, you must have .NET Desktop Runtime installed on your PC and if you don’t have it installed then click here to visit the official Microsoft page where you can download the latest .NET Runtime on your device.

bloxstrap Install
  • Once, you have installed the NET Runtime on your PC then double-click on the downloaded Bloxstrap.exe file.
  • Now, tap on the install button and click on Next to initiate the installation.
  • Once the installation is finished the app will be open automatically.
  • Now, you can use Bloxstrap on your PC and adjust all the settings as your preference.


Most Common Problems in Bloxstrap & Their Solutions

Why Roblox crashes when using Bloxstrap Boosteraper?

There could be possibly several reasons for the failure of Roblox but most likely you might have set the frame rate limit to more than 240 which is causing the app crashing problem. We recommend you to set the FPS to “0” or “999” to get the maximum frame rate possible on your device without crashing issues.

Why the old material texture feature is not working in Bloxstrap.

Roblox removed the ability to configure the old material textures on May 1, 2024, which means users cannot customize it. The option labeled “old material texture” in the FastFlags is useless now.

What to do when Bloxstrap gets stuck on “Connecting to Roblox…” for too long?

This is a common issue that users face with the older versions of the Bloxstrap. It happens because connectivity checks are made with several sources simultaneously. All tasks got failed but they operate synchronously with a 30-second timeout. If you don’t want to face this issue ever again, we recommend you use the latest version of Bloxstrap.

Why did Bloxstrap stop working after I changed the user profile folder name?

You can find your profile folder name at C:\Users\<your username> and if you rename the user profile folder, Bloxstrap may not work properly. But don’t be worried because you can easily fix this issue by opening the Windows Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bloxstrap and modify the InstallLocation property so that it accurately reflects the correct path.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bloxstrap safe to use?

Yes, Bloxstrap is a quite safe and secure app. A lot of people worry that if it is a virus but it does not contain any harmful codes that impact your device so you can use this app on your PC without worrying about any safety issues. We also got the green signal from the VirusTotal.

Can I Install Bloxstrap APK on Android?

As of now, Bloxstrap only works on Windows devices so unfortunately, it can not be installed on Android devices but sooner than later, it will be available for Android.

Does using Bloxstrap ban my Roblox account?

We have tested Bloxstrap for three months and haven’t gotten banned and we haven’t received any genuine complaint from a user whose account got banned due to the usage of Bloxstrap because it does not modify the game client files so there is no risk of banning.

How to change the lighting engine in Roblox games?

Navigate to the FastFlags section where you will see an option labeled ‘Preferred Lightning Technology’ so choose the lighting engine that you want to be enabled in all the games and tap on the apply button to save changes.

How to Use Bloxstrap to make Roblox Smoother on low-end PCs?

Make you set the framerate above 60 for better and smoother gameplay. Roblox reduces the rendering quality according to your display scaling so enables the preserved rendering quality option for a better viewing experience.

Is Bloxstrap an official app?

No, Bloxstrap is not the Roblox’s official application. It is a third-party mod app that allows you to customize the Roblox desktop app and launcher and enhance the gameplay.


Bloxstrap is a great way to customize the Roblox desktop app and launcher. Using this bootstrapper, you can easily change the look and feel of the Roblox and enhance the gaming experience. It offers an FPS unlocker for much smoother and clearer gameplay. You can bring back a lot of icons old things such as the death sound effects, characters sound, and menu bar. you can enable or disable shadow. If Roblox lags on your PC then you can use the Bloxstrap to make the game much smoother by reducing frame drop and latency.

This open-source Roblox launcher customizer tool is completely free and it does not pose any risk of account banning because it does not interfere with the game’s assets files and Roblox client files. It is already being installed by over 50,000 Roblox players and has received 1.1K stars on GitHub which is the proof that users like this app and its services.

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